Fall in acceptances to Welsh universities “indicative of wider government failings” | Diffyg ceisiadau i brifysgolion Cymru "sy'n arwydd o fethiannau ehangach y llywodraeth"

The Welsh Conservatives have said fewer and fewer people are choosing to study in Wales because the Welsh Government are failing to make Wales an attractive place to work.
Mae Ceidwadwyr Cymreig wedi dweud bod llai a llai o bobl yn dewis astudio yng Nghymru oherwydd bod Llywodraeth Cymru yn methu â gwneud Cymru yn lle deniadol i weithio.

Council spends almost £200,000 on translation in 18 months | Cyngor yn gwario bron i £200,000 ar gyfieithu mewn 18 mis

Figures released by Bridgend County Borough Council show that the Labour run authority has spent almost £200,000 on Welsh translation costs in less than two years.
Mae'r ffigurau a ryddhawyd gan Gyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr yn dangos bod yr awdurdod o dan arweinydiaeth Llafur wedi gwario bron i £200,000 ar gostau cyfieithu Cymraeg mewn llai na dwy flynedd.

Out & About: 17 - 23 December

Monday 17th December: After deciding on the winner of her Christmas card competition for this year, Suzy is meeting with students from local schools to hand out prizes and certificates to the winners

Suzy’s News: Reporting Back | Newyddion Suzy: Adrodd yn ôl

My Autumn Term newsletter has gone out to residents.

As part of my newsletter there are a number of links and consultations.

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Bridgend County Borough Council’s potential reorganisation of post-16 education provision.

Out & About: 10 - 16 December

Monday 10th December: Suzy, along with other AMs from the area, are meeting with Welsh Government officials to discuss Junction 41 of the M4 Motorway and Welsh Government's previous closure of it