Out & About: 15 - 21 October

Monday 15th October: Suzy is questioning the Cabinet Secretary for Health on Paul Davies' Autism Bill as part of her committee work
Tuesday 16th October: Suzy is meeting with life saving organisations to look further at how Wales can become a nation of life savers and how Welsh Government can be encouraged to make sure every young person gets age appropriate life saving skills taught to them in school

Out & About: 8 - 14 October

Tuesday 9th October: As Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education, Suzy is meeting with Education groups and representatives
Wednesday 10th October: Suzy is meeting with the Deputy Ambassador for Israel

Out & About: 1 - 7 October

Tuesday 2nd October: Suzy is meeting with Community Pharmacy Wales to find out more about flu vaccinations and the importance of them during winter
Thursday 4th October: Suzy is meeting with Avia Autos, a locally based and run business in South Wales West

Out & About: 24 - 30 September

Tuesday 25th September: Suzy is sponsoring the Department for Work and Pensions at the Assembly to encourage AMs to take up the 100 Day Community Challenge
Thursday 27th September: Suzy is hosting Welsh Hearts at the Assembly as they give free training to visitors, AMs and Assembly staff in life saving and defibrillator techniques

Out & About: 17 - 23 September

Monday 17th September: Suzy is taking part in the Assembly's Brexit Committee and scrutinising Carwyn Jones, First Minister