Local Economy | Economi Leol

Local businesses are integral to the economy of South Wales West. Welsh Conservatives are committed to supporting local and independent businesses and traders, along with larger infrastructure projects, to create and support more jobs.

Mae busnesau lleol yn hanfodol i'r economi De Orllewin Cymru. Mae Ceidwadwyr Cymreig yn ymroddedig i gefnogi busnesau a masnachwyr lleol ac annibynnol, law yn llaw gyda prosiectau seilwaith mawr, i greu a chefnogi mwy o swyddi.


International Women’s Day 2018: Tackling Gender Stereotypes

International Women’s Day was first celebrated forty-three years ago today. Although it may not feel like such a long time ago for many of us, we have seen advances in women’s role in the workplace and public life.  Even so, we might have expected those advances to be greater after forty-three years.

National Museum Wales boss under fire for “rant against Britishness” at Visit Britain event | Rheolwr Amgueddfa Cymru dan y lach am “refru yn erbyn Prydeindod” mewn digwyddiad Visit Britain

The boss of Wales’ national museum has come under fire from an Assembly Member for his “rant against Britishness” made at a Visit Britain event.
Mae rheolwr amgueddfa Cymru wedi dod dan y lach gan Aelod Cynulliad am “refru yn erbyn Prydeindod” yn ystod digwyddiad Visit Britain.

Swansea Parkway Station | Gorsaf Parcffordd Abertawe

As your Welsh Conservative Assembly Member for South Wales West, I want the Swansea Bay Regional City Deal to work and work well.
Fel eich Aelod Cynulliad Ceidwadol dros Orllewin De Cymru, rwyf am sicrhau bod Bargen Ddinesig Bae Abertawe yn llwyddo.